Office of Foreign Assets Control - Specially Designated Nationals List

Entity Details for IRAN ZAMIN BANK

Seyyed Jamal-oldin Asadabadi St.
Corner of 68th St., No. 472
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What do I do if I have a match to the SDN list?

If you have checked a name manually or by using software and find a match, you should do a little more research. Is it an exact name match, or very close? Is your customer located in the same general area as the SDN? If not, it may be a "false hit." If there are many similarities, contact OFAC's "hotline" at 1-800-540-6322 for verification. If your "hit" concerns an in-process wire transfer, you may prefer to e-mail your question to OFAC. Unless a transaction involves an exact match, it is recommended that you contact OFAC Compliance before actually blocking assets.
from the faq

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